The Lingside West Project 

​The expanded Lingside West project encompasses an area of some 5,640 hectares, consisting of 282 claim cell units that lie directly west of the Lingman Mine project area.   

Nine High-priority Targets on the North Horizon

The North Horizon of the Lingman Mine project area extends west into Lingside West then, changing direction, it trends semi-continuously in a more east-west orientation. Along this 11,000 meter trend, nine high-priority targets have been identified. 

Six More High-priority Targets
on the South Horizon

Lingman Lake’s South Horizon also extends into Lingside West. From an east-west trend, this horizon changes its orientation to the northwest, and contains two 2,700 meter-long zones each containing three high-priority targets.

Future Exploration

Signature’s future plans for the Lingside West project area is to follow-up on the high priority targets. Since they are largely land based, a tailored program of prospecting-mapping-soil sampling would be undertaken.